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Blake Paintings

These paintings were influenced by verses from 'Songs of Innocence' and 'Songs of Experience' by artist and poet William Blake. I've been fascinated by Blake's art and poetry for many years, so I created these paintings to celebrate the man's work and show how its helped transform my life and art.


These paintings are very internal pieces focusing on themes of love, faith, pain and isolation. The figures are almost ghost like in appearance, fragile and silent, yet determined to find purpose in this life.

Land, Sea, Sky

These paintings explore the land, sea and sky in all their great power and beauty. The natural world is a wonderful and mysterious place, where creation is opposed by devastating destruction in a constant battle to find harmony.

Oakworth Paintings

These paintings were based on drawings I produced during 2005 – 2006 of the fields, moors and woodland areas in Oakworth, West Yorkshire. I wanted to capture the energy and atmosphere of being in the landscape and how your presence affects that space. It's taken me nearly ten years to finally do the drawings justice and turn them into paintings.

Observation Paintings

These paintings reflect my observations as an artist looking at the world in all it's good and bad. Life deals a tough hand for alot of people, chances come, chances go, stories yet to be told, but there's always glimmers of hope around the corner for people that need it!


These paintings are internal reflections about my life over the last few years. They explore my life at it's fullest aswell as in it's moments of doubt and uncertainty, but the main focus of everything I do is to always create through the emotional spectrum and challenge anything and everything!

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